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All contents of Spectåcle are subject to change.

Spectåcle is a collaborative project with Stacey Stern, of Steracle Press. I am illustrating the images and Stacey is letterpress printing the final deck. The finished deck will consist of 22 cards, hand-made packaging and a hand-made booklet.

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The purpose of this deck is to give the creative individual guidance in matters of life and artistic creation. The cards serve as guides, embedded with images and supported by the words of the visionaries, leaders and inspirations of our past and present.

Here is the tentative list of cards.
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Independent : Dream : Order : Rest : Constructive :
Symbol : Knowledge : Nurture

Strength : Creativity : Spirituality : Journey : Energy : Beauty : Change : Perseverance

Purpose : Passion : Play : Unknown : Communication : Leadership

Word shown in purple are in the final version

Back of Card


Concept Drawings

Energy : (Image Changed) : Rest
Change : Order : Leadership
Constructive : Play : Symbols
Communication : Passion : Independent
Purpose : Unknown : Journey
Knowledge : Beauty : Dream : Nurturing
Creativity : Spirituality : Perserverance



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