Photo by  Bill Franz

Photo by Bill Franz

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Photo by Mark Anderson

Photo by Mark Anderson

About the Artist

Amy Kollar Anderson creates surreal narrative paintings inspired by natural forms, the decorative arts and her love of animals. Her work has been shown internationally and featured in the publication, Imagine the Imagination: New Visions of Surrealism. Anderson was awarded three of the ReImagining Works commissions for the Dayton Metro Library in 2014-17, a commission for the Miami Valley Hospital and the Woodbourne Centerville Library in 2018 and a Culture Works MCACD Artist Opportunity Grant in 2018. 

She received her B.F.A. from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a Master of Humanities, with a focus in Fine Arts, from Wright State University.

Amy Kollar Anderson lives with her husband and their two cats in the birthplace of aviation, Dayton, Ohio. Until recently, she was the Gallery Coordinator for the Rosewood Gallery, but left that position to pursue her art career full-time.

Photo by  Andy Snow

Photo by Andy Snow

Artist Statement

My style is a juxtaposition of Art Nouveau/Deco, Surrealism, Symbolism, Arts and Crafts Movement and Fantasy Illustration. Like the thrift stores I frequent, my work combines these eclectic styles into a cohesive Bohemian aesthetic that is playful and colorful with an attention to the details. The past few years have been focused on playing with materials and combining these experimental techniques with my tightly rendered narrative images. Since I spend most days in my home studio, I am thinking more about space and my place in the world.  I enjoy layering untraditional materials such as glitter, mica and metal foils into newly formed surfaces or investigate complex narratives that explore identity, obsession and transformation. 

Photo by  Charlie Gast

Photo by Charlie Gast

Photo by Mark Anderson

Photo by Mark Anderson

Selected Awards and Grants

  • 2018 : Commission for the Miami Valley Hospital South, Spine and Joint Center

  • 2017 : Culture Works Artist Opportunity Grant

  • 2017 : 2nd Place - Whitewater Valley Art Competition, Indiana University East

  • 2017 : Commission for Centerville Library Woodbourne Branch

  • 2015 : Commission for ReImagining Works - Dayton Public Library, Miamisburg Branch

  • 2015 : Commission for ReImagining Works - Dayton Public Library, New Lebanon Branch

  • 2014 : Commission for ReImagining Works - Dayton Public Library, Northwest Branch

  • 2013 : People's Choice Award - Mystery Build Competition

  • 2011 : 3rd Place - Surreal Salon - Baton Rouge Gallery - Juror Chris Ryniak

  • 2009 : People's Choice Award - Creative Soul Dayton Exhibiton

  • 2007 : MCACD Fellowship Grant

  • 2006 : Best of Show - The Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exposition - Professional Division

  • 2006 : 1st Place - Dayton Society of Painters and Sculptures 60th Anniversary Spring Juried Show - Oil and Acrylic Division

  • 2006 : Joan Cord Memorial Award - The Woman's Art Club of Cincinnati: 113th Annual Juried Exhibition

  • 2003 : Best of Show - The Beloved T-Shirt Show

  • 2003 : 3rd Place - Professional Painter Category - Springfield Museum of Art Members' Juried Exhibition

  • 2002 : Award Winner - Artist Unknown Competition, Dayton City Paper

  • 2001 : Best of District - Art About Town

  • 2001 : Purchase Award: The Marjorie Kovler Center for the Treatment of Survivors of Torture

Photo by  Brian Mikulski
Photo by  Charlie Gast

Photo by Charlie Gast

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2018 : Stratum: New Works by Amy Kollar Anderson and Kate Huser Santucci, Dayton Visual Arts Center, Dayton, OH

  • 2018 : Gemcity Catfé Solo Exhibition, Dayton, OH

  • 2018 : Small Wonders, Atomic Cafe Gallery, Hamtramck, Michigan

  • 2017 : Cabinets of Curiosity: Amy Kollar Anderson, Laine Bachman and Carrie Longley, Southern Ohio Museum, Portsmouth, OH

  • 2017 : Bared: The Art of Bras and Breasts, The Diamond Shop Gallery, Morgantown, VW

  • 2017 : Art 360°: Contemporary Art Hatching Across Ohio, Zanesville Museum of Art, Zanesville, OH

  • 2017 : Solo Show : Bear's Mill Gallery, Greenville, OH

  • 2016 : Art 360°: Contemporary Art Hatching Across Ohio, Massillon Museum, Massillon, OH

  • 2016 : Solo Show : Yellow Springs Brewery, Yellow Springs, OH

  • 2016 : Art 360°: Contemporary Art Hatching Across Ohio, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH

  • 2015 : XO Numia Solo Show: Ann Miller Gallery, Wittenberg University, Springfield, OH

  • 2015 : Quondam Solo Show : Studio 14 Fine Art Gallery, Tipp City, OH

  • 2015 : Folktales and Legends: An Exhibition Without Borders : John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI

  • 2014 : Observatarie : Amy Kollar Anderson, Laine Bachman and Carrie Longley : Gallery West, Cuyahoga Community College/Western Campus, Parma, OH

  • 2014 : Identification Solo Show : ArtStreet Gallery, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH

  • 2013 : Just Passing Through Solo Show : Rigsby Contemporary Museum, Columbus, OH

  • 2012 : Passage Solo Show : Fitton Center for Creative Arts, Hamilton, OH

  • 2012 : Surreal Salon : Baton Rouge Gallery, Baton Rouge, LA

  • 2012 : 49th Juried Competition : Masur Museum of Art, Monroe, LA

  • 2011 : Rise : Create:Fixate, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2011 : Featured Artist : The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2011 : Here's Looking at You : Portraits in Ohio, Riffe Gallery, Columbus, OH

  • 2011 : Mad Monster A Go-Go : Memento Tattoo Salon and Gallery, Columbus, OH

  • 2010 : The Laboratory Solo Show : Gallery 510, Dayton, OH

  • 2010 : 5th Anniversary Avatar Show : The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2010 : Flies in the Land of Milk and Honey : Instinct Gallery, Des Moines, IA

  • 2009 : Strange Figurations : Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY

  • 2009 : It's All About ©POP, The End is Near : ©POP Gallery, Detroit, MI

  • 2009 : Dirty Show X : Bert's Warehouse Theater, Detroit, MI

  • 2008 : Under Glass Solo Show : Goloka Gallery, Oregon Division, Dayton, OH

  • 2008 : Other Worlds/Altered Visions : Indianapolis Art Center, IN

  • 2007 : Group Show : The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

  • 2006 : Flights of Imagination : Museum de Giger, Switzerland

  • 2004 : Paranormal Taxonomy Solo Show : Full Support Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA

  • 2004 : Fantastic Voyage: Imagining Science and Nature : Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH

  • 2003 : Brave Destiny : Williamsburg Art And Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY

  • 2003 : Small Works : ROY G BIV Gallery, Columbus, OH

Photo by  Brian Mikulski
Photo by  Kidtee Hello

Photo by Kidtee Hello

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Photo by  Bill Franz

Photo by Bill Franz

Photo by  Jacquelynn Buck
Photo by Mark Anderson

Photo by Mark Anderson