Volume 1 Metot Names and Motivations
01 Rabeca named by Michelle G. Bonded with Candice E.
Seeing the bigger picture opens your eyes to what is important. Don't fret the small stuff!
02 Finny named by Bob A.Bonded with Pam F.
 Grand adventures begin with a single step!
03 Terabite named by Steve G. Bonded with Ryan D.
Busy hands are better than busy beaks! Make something wonderful!
04 Snotgurgle named by Chopper C. Bonded with Del M.
A mighty flame can start as a tiny spark!
05 Grrrdgit named by Vivian K. Bonded with Sebastion and Christine
A generous smile is your passport into the hearts of others! Grin and friend it!

06 Ferdinand named by Jacob S. Bonded with Fran K.
Music washes away the remnants of a bad day. Get your groove on!
07 Mushroom named by Ainsley R. Bonded with Lisa B.
A hug today makes it a good day! Hug yourself and those around you!
08 Roger named by Mark A. Bonded with Mark A.
Exercise makes you get up and go!
09 Batigger named by Lauren G. Bonded with Octabat
Your body needs healthy food to fuel your next adventure! Nom, nom, nom!
10 Drogo named by Tina A. Bonded with Tabitha
Sing the song that is in your heart and others will sing along!
11 Scarlet named by Morgan G. Bonded with Yancy I.
A calm mind brings inner strength. Focus is your friend!
12 Toby named by Rylee R. Bonded with Kevin G. 
Dreamers are the steam in the engine of life!
13 Yoshaleh named by Rena.Bonded with Anna, Jeane and Darren
 Learn to laugh at yourself and tickle away your worries!
14 Kipperly named by Bob R. Bonded with Bob and Sandy R. 
A friendship can start with a simple HELLO!
15 Sir Bandit named by Madelyn S. Bonded with Pat K. 
Ready? Set? Play!
16 Millie named by Cammie M. Bonded with TOF
Share a token of your love to brighten someone’s day!
17 Wild Baby named by Lawanda S. Bonded with Christie
Sometimes you have to jump in order to learn how to fly! 
18 Adamaris named by Cittie M. Bonded with Melanie W. 
Imagination makes everything possible!
19 Rocko named by Norah M. Bonded with Noah B.
Positivity is your best buddy!
20 Unipus named by Charlotte. Bonded with Megan H.
A sweet treat for being neat!
21 Babicat named by Alice T. Bonded with Annabella B. 
Let them hear you! You have something important to say!
22 TeeLin named by Me! Bonded with Lisa B. 
Believe in yourself, and others will do the same.
23 Humphrey named by Robin S. Bonded with SVM
You’re perfect just the way you are and your friends know it!
24 Phineas named by Erica B. Bonded with Carli H. 
Share your adventures with friends!
25 Hippcapoomo named by Conner S. Bonded with Micah B. 
Hey! Let's do something special today!