Fructose : Progress Images : Updated 02:16:10

This painting is 8″x8″. A commission piece of Lukas and Noelle in Candyland.

Drawing for Fructose up on the board along with some current and future projects.

The layers begin. This phase always looks creepy!

Now they are starting to look cute! Basic colors down.

Added a few lollipops in the background, adding colors to the cupcake hat and overall skin tones.

Defining faces better.

Adding color to Noelle and Lukas’ hair. Something is missing. Considering starting the background over completely. Thinking maybe just candy everywhere, but I do like the depth that the background is making, so I ponder for a few.

Duh! More elements in the background! Mountains, clouds, a candy tower and trees replace the lollipops. Also started over with the gumdrops.

Piece is really coming together now. Just need some more details and a few glazes in the gumdrops. Gonna add candy to the trees, some more patterns and Yippie! A little cutie!

See the finished piece, Fructose

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