Tattoo Revised

So I am still playing around with the image. I thought she might need some hair coming down from the hair wreath, so I grabbed some off of another Mucha creation. I also changed her skin color to be a little less swamp creature-like. It was better, but Mark thought she looked a little too like Medusa with the serpent hair pasted behind her head. So I tweaked it some more to tone down the fly-away affect and brought it in front of her so it was less pasted on. I am really pleased with it now. Gonna ponder it for a few…

4 Responses to “Tattoo Revised”

  1. Carli Says:

    It’s really cool. I can’t decide if I like the hair or not (I think I liked it until I read Mark’s Medusa comment, now it looks…well, snakey). How are you going to handle the bottom border? The hazy/misty green stuff behind her fading out makes a nice transition around the image, but I’m having trouble picturing how you’re going to end her dress (aside from just cutting it off?).

    You’re starting to make me think about embellishing my space kitty, darn it!

  2. kollaranderson Says:

    I am not certain how the bottom will work either. I need to talk to Mike about it some more. I tried stopping in the shop today, but he was busy. So he is going to work on the stencle and get in touch with me when it is done. I am pretty darn certain I am going with the bottom design, but I want to see it stencled on my skin first. That way I can fully see how it will work.

    Heehee! What would you do to the space kitty? Color or some environment? Full sleeve? Heehee!

  3. Carli Says:

    Mmmmm, I was thinking environment. Maybe something as simple as adding the branch or whatever he’s hanging out on, or maybe a cool border that goes into a full armband. I’m afraid part of is I wouldn’t mind losing that darn kanji in the design, everybody sees it as a forked tail. But then that has personal meanings to me, so I’m still not sure I’m going to mess with it.

  4. KollarAnderson Says:

    Hmmm…I always liked the fact that it looked like it was a part of him, like a forked tail, but then it also had the symbolic meaning. I prefer that to the weird tattoos that have the floating symbols that seem so disconnected. I think making it into an armband would be very cool!