My First Tattoo

So I am finally going to get one. I have wanted one since I was 16, but it just never felt like the right time. Now I am in a place in my life where I feel together and feel more confident about my life choices, etc. I know these things…I want something I can see (gonna get it on my outer, right ankle, possibly 3″w x 5″h), I want something beautiful and I want something timeless (something I have been connected to and liked/admired for a long time). I have played around with a lot of different ideas and directions, but I may have narrowed it down. I may still change my mind, but for now, I am feeling good about this concept…

I am taking Mucha’s piece called “The Moon” and playing with the image and the color.

Here are some of the possible designs…

I love this image because it speaks volumes about being a female. It looks like that moment between adolescence and adulthood, when you are still naive but possess knowledge. Perhaps she is a reminder to enjoy the silence and tranquility? I love that there are so many ways to interpret the pose. The figure also reminds me a lot of my sister with her physical strength and beauty and her brown eyes that are the color of goldstone.

I definitely want daisies in the design, since that is “my” flower. I pulled a hat from another Mucha design and added more daisies to it, but I am not so sure I like that sorta clown-hair effect. I went back to the original crown of flowers and just added daisies instead. I will keep looking and pondering. Any thoughts are welcome.

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