Corpus Illuminata II ~ An Anatomic Interpretation

Corpus Illuminata II ~ An Anatomic Interpretation
August 10 & 11 2012 – Tangent Gallery – Detroit

Tangent Gallery
715 E Milwaukee St
Detroit, MI 48202

Hosted at the Tangent Gallery, located at SevenFifteen East Milwaukee in Detroit, this event will consist of one part exhibition of anatomic-inspired artwork, one part showcase of medical antiquities and one part academia of accredited presentations.

The exhibition portion will feature various artistic explorations from artists local and across the nation. Within the museum portion, collectors of Victorian-era medical instruments, quackery and oddities will showcase their cherished pieces ranging from surgical to mortuary. On stage, various speakers will present and discuss a variety of topics that include human anatomy, psychology, and other intriguing subject matters. Video installations within the venue will be feature films and videos ranging from historical medical experimentations, human autopsies, artistic interpretations and more.

This year’s additions include a bazaar for the sales and trading of antiquities and related merchandise as well as a public auction of personally collected pieces.

The opening gala begins at Six in the Evening until Midnight on the Tenth of August with a continuation on the Eleventh. All ages are welcome, however discretion must be advised due to graphic medical content. Those under Eighteen Years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Admission is Ten Dollars or Five Dollars with valid student identification. Children Twelve Years and under are admitted free.

Corpus Illuminata 2012 Artists

Aleks 7 (Michigan)
Allison Gardiner (Michigan)
Amber Stutzman (Michigan)
Amy Kollar Anderson (Ohio)
Andrea McAuley (Virginia)
Angela Galea (Michigan)
Ash Marnich (Minnesota)
Ash Sivils (Tennesee)
Aunia Kahn (Illinois)
Betsy van Die (Illinois)
Brian Demski (Ohio)
Cheyanne Luna (Michigan)
dAeve Fellows (Canada)
Danielle Juracka (Illinois)
David Richardson (Colorado)
Debi Oulu (Israel)
DVS (Michigan)
Elvina Vladi Kvisle (Norway)
Gabrielle Pescador (Michigan)
Gwen Joy (Michigan)
Jack O. Summers (Michigan)
Jacob Ritter (Michigan)
Justyna Karaszewska (Poland)
Kelly Germaine Root (Michigan)
Kelly Vetter (New Jersey)
Kim Hoxworth (Michigan)
Kimberly Hart (Canada)
Lauren Curtis (New Jersey)
Lindsey Harnish (Michigan)
Maria Hensley (Michigan)
Michele Parliament (Wisconsin)
Oliver Peterson (New York)
Paradox Imaging Design (Michigan)
Resa LaTour (Michigan)
Sherry Morgenstern (Michigan)
SID GRAVES (Florida)
Sophia Fenby (Michigan)
Stacy Dumas (Michigan)
Stella Isis Noel Rothe (Michigan)
Susana di Portanova (Michigan)
Tina R Gilbert (Kentucky)
Zach May (Michigan)
Zachariah Messiah (Michigan)

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