Along 71: A Traveling Exhibition

Along 71 is a traveling, collaborative exhibition between Cleveland West Art League and the Ohio Art League in Columbus.

The exhibition will run from July 20th through August 17th at Cleveland West Art League’s gallery at 78th Street Studios in Cleveland, then run from September 6th through September 28 at Ohio Art League’s gallery in Columbus.

A number of artist submissions were sent in from members of both organizations, and selections were made by jurors Adam Brouillette (executive director of Wonderland Columbus) and Mary Urbas (director of the Lakeland Community College Art Gallery).

Friday, July 20, 6 – 10pm Opening reception in Cleveland
Friday, August 17, 6-10pm Closing reception in Cleveland
Thursday, September 6, 5-9pm Opening reception in Columbus
Friday, September 28, 12-8pm Final day of exhibition in Columbus

The work will then be shipped to Columbus, for an opening on Thursday, September 6, 5-9pm. More on OAL here.

Stephen Aman Sever
Christopher J Burk Harrison West Aerial,Columbus
Lisa Di Giacomo The Mile, v. 1
Dan Gerdeman My Aim is true.
Katie Hofacker Tree House and Frozen Charlotte
Morris Jackson Discord in Harmony
Beth Himsworth Koi Garden
Amy Kollar Anderson Contained
Becky Linhardt Fern and Clear Plex Vessel
Kellie McDermott Night Sky November 1
Jonathan Johnson Lagos/Porto/Phuket
Laura Alexander Honeycomb
Ben Quinn Alien
Judy Takacs Tickled
Doug Titchenal Fog of War
George Kocar The time machine

Debra Sue Solecki Home
Tom Kelly The Greatest Thing on the Black Earth
Grace Summanen Heart
Tom Kochheiser Odalisque; Cyclops
Steve Syd Lightshow
Kelsey Lieb Family Portrait, Part One

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