The Dirty Show

Mark and I attended the Detroit 7th Annual Dirty Show on February 10, 2006 with our friends Leslie and Nena. What a great time!

In general, the quality of work was similar to last year’s show, but the subject matter seemed to have a greater range from more subtle, sensual work to more outrageously graphic pieces. My work fell somewhere in between the two categories. This year they mixed the photographs in with the rest of the mediums instead of having them located in the smaller upstairs gallery. That was a nice change.

There were plenty of amazing pieces including a stellar print from Tom Thewes that Mark and I drooled all over. Ken Keirns was back again this year with several stunning pieces. How does he get his flesh to glow like that??? My friend, Shayna McConnville had two pieces inspired by a burlesque troop in Philly. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch the names of some of the other artists that we enjoyed. One piece showed a woman underwater with the skin coloring of a clown fish. She was reclining in a bed of anemones and her hair swirled around her like fins. The other piece that stood out was an intensely detailed image of a woman laying on her back, using her feet to hold up a steel shaft…ummmm… strategically placed on/in her body.

The performance portion of the show was disappointing. One of the highlights was the erotic feather dance done to the Nina Simone’s tune, “Black is the color of my true love’s hair”. The fashion show was nice, but those of us standing off to the side couldn’t see beyond the partially opened curtains. I would love to see a trained burlesque performer/troop take the stage next year.

You still have until the 14 to see the show! Get your booty to Detroit!

2 Responses to “The Dirty Show”

  1. adrian fuerth Says:

    the painting with the femail painted like a fish (nemo) was by Jesse Vital he also did a painting of a naked female painted like a cow last year which was quite good. I believe he is from new york.

  2. kollaranderson Says:

    Thanks! I remember the cow piece from last year. That was amazing too! If anyone wants to see the cow piece and the fish girl, check out Jesse Vital.

    P.S. You have some killer stuff also! “The Crumbling Edge of Sanity” is wonderful! Thanks again for the info!