First thing to do with any remodeling project is to get a sense for the scope of the project. Cleaning always helps you find issues that were hidden under dirt or disguised by a feature. I planned to start with a little vinegar and some q-tips, just a gentle cleaning to get the 30-plus years of grime off.

Apparently, the Lundby Company never intended for their houses to be cleaned, because as soon as the vinegar hit the floor it began to buckle.

After: The floor and walls cleared in the Banquet Room.

Just as we kept the Harvest Gold tub in our recent real world bath remodel (even though everyone told us to replace it or paint it white) I had intended to retain some of the original charm while making the existing elements feel modern. The floor in the Grand Room, the faux tile in the Hidden Room, as well as the carpet and wallpaper in the Sunny C room, were supposed to be salvaged.


After removing the orange carpet in the Dip Room, I am thinking that the yellow carpet in the Sunny C room may get to stay. That stuff is seriously glued down!

It is at this point that Mark questions my project, suggesting that I abandon this abode for a place that needs less prep work. Nope! I am committed and it will take a bit more than some peeling paper to turn me off this project.

I decided to remove the stairwell for easier access to the floor and because I plan to remove the railing to update the look of it. I want to keep the stairwell in the house because it makes a nice cubby space from the backside, and I plan to make that a wooded wonderland. Right now, I am wondering what to do with all this exposed wood…errr masonite. Perhaps some interesting floor tile possibilities….

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