Wasp in a Wig Openings – 4FRNT Studios

Photos from the opening receptions on May 4th and May 11th, 2012 in the 4Frnt Studios in Dayton, OH.

Alice and her puppets…on their fingers! A surprise gift!

The long wall.

The side room with a collection of pieces.

Friends in front of the long wall.

One of the side walls with Phyxiated and Phyxiated Transfer Drawing.

Side room with a collection of drawings and paintings.

Swag table.

Summer strutting her stuff as the Queen of Spades in Suit Yourself.

Chatting at the swag table.

Tabitha twisted into Alice in Curiouser and Curiouser (Knotty Alice).

Hanging out with the Charlie the Mad Hatter in front of The Madness.

Mark growling as the Red Knight in Mouton Rouge.

Sydney tames the wild beast as Lily White in Portrait of Lily White (Pawn Star).

Nicole and family.

A happy customer! Love this shot!

Wearing my Mad Hat with sexy pals, Jennie and Sheri.

Mini Hatter!

Above on display with the time lapse of it’s making in the background.

Alyssa as Alice (who always cries! Sorry Alyssa! I will have to paint you happy one of these days!) in Missing the Cheshire.

Alyssa as Alice in Pool of Tears.

Being interviewed by DATV before the show gets rolling.

The amazing Ape the Ghost in a surprise performance!

Jennie being inspired by The Messenger.

A happy hatter and her mad husband! Thanks to everyone who made it out to the show!

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