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This piece is for the “Inside the Box” project at The Dayton Art Institute for their Experiencenter. The show will be open from April 2012 – April 2013. They have invited 25 Dayton artists to alter this 12″ square box in what ever manner they desire. My concept is developing as the box comes together.

Tobin and Swanky inspect the new package.

Gathering objects and putting some gesso on rocks.

The outside of the box is neon pink/red with matching glitter.

The rocks are covered in glitter.

The top panel is the floor and the others are the interior walls.

The figure emerges from the oven.

The parts find a body.

Painted socks, glasses and love beads, he is ready to jam.

Background and inner walls.

Wooing the ladies.

Complete with mini-terrarium

Catching some rays.

Some alterations and additions. Finished!

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