The Ups and Downs of Death : Studio Images : Analyzed

This painting is 22″ x 28″

As you can see, I used a canvas with a previous false start. That was going to be “A Fine Brine,” but it just didn’t come together. Quick sketch in red.

A glaze of yellow with some white highlights.

Adding flowers and bright turquoise. I wanted this piece to have a Mexican inspired feel because of their close relationship to death. I also wanted the sweeping motion created by the flowers, but as you will see, it didn’t quite work out.

Segmenting baby body to emphasize it is a doll.

Clarifying shapes.

Decided to break flowers into smaller flowers.

Bye bye flowers. This is why I am working out the compositions on paper now. Enough with this wasting of hours trying to figure out the composition!

Bringing back some of the background pattern.

Creating a random shape. I still have no idea what I want to do with the left side.

Unifying the plants with the new freaky shape.

Adding some purple blossoms.

Adding internal shapes to the blossoms and some vines.

The background blossoms where there, but hard to see, so I added some darks to make them pop more. Also added pattern to the inside of the plants and some yellow and interference glazes.

Defining Vivarium shape, adding leaf pattern to the freaky blob.

Toning down the green. Too obnoxious and pops too much. I want that section to feel like a layer below the plants.

Added a red glaze to separate more. Trying to get the blossoms figured out.

Adding details to the blossoms.

Added dark teal to the upper right corner to try to control the chaos.

The red was too distracting from the baby, so I started adding blues and purples.

Blossoms get a pink glaze to help them pop again. Purple glaze to push back the leaf layer. Defining the glass better.

Added “seed” pattern to glass and a cut-out to the leaf layer with the seed layer repeating to suggest the layers of life, start with seed, move to plant, shed leafs, seeds start again. It is finally starting to come together, but the upper right is just a mess. I am going to continue the lower leaf layer into the upper area and take the plants out again.

Blocked out upper portion in blue-violet, will be more purple soon.

View the finished piece The Ups and Downs of Death

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