Announcement List : August

August 28th, 2014

JOIN US!: My episode of The Art Show is airing this September 14 at 5pm on ThinkTV 16. We have reserved the party room at Fox and Hound at the Fairfield Commons Mall. Join us between 4-6pm for the viewing of the episode!

RAISE YOUR HAND: Leesa Haapapuro and I will team teach the Mystery Build Sculpture class from 10a-3p on October 11th at the Rosewood Arts Centre. The class costs $45 for Kettering residents and $55 for non-residents, but if you sign up before September 1st, you can get 10% off! Join us for a day of creative exploration with new materials and ways to kick start your creativity!

BANG BOOM: I enjoyed being at Clash Dayton so much, I will continue to paint there on Thursdays, 2-6:30 for the rest of September!

ZIPPY: New video showing how I make the kaleidoscopes for my Paranormals Pouches, specifically for The Madness.

BLOG ROLL: Starting a weekly blog! Some posts from my adventures around Pittsburgh. SPACE, and Wood Street Galleries, and ToonSeum.

MONKEYING AROUND: Currently, I am learning Mailchimp so I can improve my monthly newsletters! Stay tuned!

Amy Kollar Anderson

“I used to be disgusted; now I try to be amused.” ~ Elvis Costello

“A person who knows how to laugh at himself will never ceased to be amused.” ~ Shirley MacLaine

“Let us read and let us dance – two amusements that will never do any harm to the world.” ~ Voltaire

“By amusing myself with all these games, all this nonsense, all these picture puzzles, I became famous… I am only a public entertainer who has understood his time.” ~ Pablo Picasso

Pittsburgh Adventures : Toonseum : Group Exhibit Ends 09:20:14

August 25th, 2014

When Universes Collide! The Ultimate Superhero Smackdown! An Exhibit of Original Artwork Spanning 70 Years!
Pittsburgh, PA
July 23 – September 20, 2014

When you enter the ToonSeum it looks like a small comic shop, but around every corner is a thoughtful and playful tribute to the comic arts.

The museum is divided into two main spaces, one for the main exhibit and a multi-media experience center with activities and costumes, so it is great for kids of all ages (like me!).

The hallway that connects the galleries also housed an exhibit of pixelated super heros in the Artist Trading Card format.

The main exhibit was a playful “battle” between superheros, and the debate was expressed in words and visuals.

I am a sucker for a behind-the-scenes experience and I loved seeing the original comics with their errors and changes.

One of my favorite animated characters! Battle Cat!

QUESTION: What’s better than a bad-ass cat woman?

ANSWER: A roomful of bad-ass cat/bat women!

Pittsburgh Adventures : Wood Street Galleries : Ends 09:07:14

August 24th, 2014

Wood Street Galleries
Pittsburgh, PA

The Wood Street Galleries are an extreme art destination! They are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of a wedge-shaped building and the only way to access them is via the old elevator. I began on the 3rd floor and winced at the volume emitted from these Terminator-gone-artsy forms. Intense is the best way I can describe this exhibit of motorized forms. They slither and scream and appear to follow your movement around the room (or do they?), and they activated every RUN part of my lizard brain. The gallery attendant asked if I had been to the 2nd floor? When I responded no, he said he had to activate them, so he would accompany me there. While in the elevator, I commented that the piece on the 3rd floor was really loud, to which he calmly replied, “Oh, this one is louder.”

Rugs for Ellie!

August 20th, 2014


Things have been quiet around the Dollhouse Diary lately, as I have been focused on other projects. Since you are not be old enough to play with it for a few, I have some time to get back to it, but today you are a bit closer! Happy Birthday! Just because I have not been posting, does not mean the project has been abandoned. I have been collecting more items for decorating the house, TOF has been making furniture and Grandma Kollar has been making rugs! Here are two of her rugs and a tissue set she got for you!

I am currently trying to figure out how to make a living as an artist, but the dollhouse has been calling my name and I will get back to it soon, I promise! I am excited for the day that we can play with it together and you can add your special touches. I love you!

~ Amy Ant

SPACE : Group Show : Ends 08:31:14

August 18th, 2014

On a recent trip to Pittsburgh, I had the opportunity to explore the city by myself. SPACE was on the list of “must-sees” and their Cataloguing Pattern show held some true gems! I enjoyed the show in general, but my favorite work was a series of drawings by Kristin Kest. They were beautifully drawn and the images combined fair tales and fierce, adventurous women (and insect mothers)!

Some more images from the show…

7/11/2014 – 8/31/2014

Where do I start? My new career as a full-time artist.

August 18th, 2014

Like most artists, I have always dreamt of being able to focus most of my time and energy on my artwork. For many years, I have been balancing my studio time with my personal life, with moderate success. I began to ask myself, what goals could I achieve if I really focused on the business side of my art career and took the leap to be a full-time artist? What are my goals? Where do I start? I decided to start by looking at the twist and turns of my career thus far…

When I was working towards my BFA at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I never thought about how I would survive once I graduated, it was all about making art, not about business. So when I moved to Dayton, OH, 18 years ago, I was lost. Even with degree in hand, I did not feel confident about relying on my artwork to pay the bills.

Desperate, I turned to my boyfriend (now husband), who was teaching courses in graphic design and video, and he brought home classwork for me to study. Although I did not have a lot of computer experience, I took to it fairly easily, and thus began my career as a graphic designer. During that time, I made decent money and acquired skills that still benefit me to this day. The only problem, I was miserable. I hated being chained to a computer 40 hours a week and the carpel tunnel I developed while wood carving at school was worse than ever. I needed to start making moves to get out of that career path, so I began working towards my Masters in the Humanities at Wright State University. The day after my graduation party, there was an ad in the paper for the Adult Art Coordinator position at the Rosewood Arts Centre, Masters preferred. 

A position in art administration was better than graphic design. There was more variety and I was able to work with other artists, which was very educational and rewarding. After a couple years, the position in the Rosewood Gallery opened up and I became the Gallery Coordinator. I had interned at several galleries while I attended school, so I knew the basics of maintaining that sort of space. Installing shows at Rosewood Gallery quickly became a passion of mine and people responded with praise. In the gallery, I was able to meet artists with different career paths, some who also worked in art administration, many were teachers and some were full-time artists. I learned something from each of them, either what to do or not to do in art. For almost a decade I worked in the gallery, but as time went on I found my mind remained in the studio even after my body was at work. I was no longer focused on the gallery work and I was starting to feel like it was time to take the information I had collected over the years and follow my dream. So for my 40th birthday, I “retired” to give my artwork and my art career my full attention.

My first goal is to start a weekly blog were I will chronicle my ups and downs, inspirations, lessons I have learned in my different career paths and, of course, my artwork. Having an art career is much more than making art. I have not figured it all out, but I have acquired a lot of knowledge and I want to share that with others as I continue to learn from them. I look forward to comments, questions and topic suggestions as I take on this new adventure. I plan to have comments enabled on my new website, but until then, feel free to

email me

Clash Live Painting – DATE CHANGE

August 12th, 2014

PLEASE NOTE! I will NOT be at Clash Dayton to paint this Thursday. We had a death in the family and I will be assisting them this week. Please join me next Thursday from 2-6:30 and the following Thursday (August 21st & 28th) at the coolest shop/gallery in town!

Announcement List : July

July 25th, 2014

Photo of Gryffin Ray courtesy Danielle Arnold. I just could not resist his cuteness in that Clash Dayton onesie!

OUT AND ABOUT: My vacation is over, but now my easel will be on the move! I will be joining it at Clash Dayton (521 E. Fifth Street, Oregon District) every Thursday from 2-6:30pm between August 7 – 28 to paint and chat, and I hope you will come by and say HI!

BEASTLY VISIONS: My newest commission piece is finished, The White Beast.

TIME FLIES: The newest time lapse video for my collaboration with Carrie Longley, Hummus Paddus, is live on YouTube and Vimeo and the HD version of It Isn’t Manners has been loaded on Youtube and on Vimeo.

BOOB TUBE: The date for ThinkTV’s The Art Show episode with my interview has been scheduled for September 14!

MURAL TIME: I am beginning work on a mural for The Human Race Theatre, more to come on that project!

KODAK MOMENTS: I just returned from Savannah, GA, where I helped photograph a wedding and had fun at the Bonadventure Cemetery. So much inspiration!

Amy Kollar Anderson

“Nothing, like something, happens anywhere.” ~ Philip Larkin

“Besides, I’m a gypsy at heart and I like to travel around.” ~ Reba McEntire

“It is not down in any map; true places never are.” ~ Herman Melville

“Experiencing our familiar rooms and belongings, our local supermarket and neighborhood streets as if we had never been there, is also traveling.” ~ Melanie Peter

The White Beast : Studio Images : Updated 07:15:14

July 15th, 2014

The White Beast. Acrylic and glitter on panel, 12″x12″. Commission painting inspired by the band, Beasto Blanco.

The piece began with a pencil sketch directly on the panel.

Defining some dark areas with some Antique Gold paint.

Layered in some highlights with Titanium White.

Then I really began to develop the values to create the sense of volume.

At this point, I am not pleased with the horns, so after playing around with the image on my computer, I try a different orientation.

When I switched the horns around, i sanded the area, which left a strange glossy spot on the surface. I resolved this issue by adding a thin layer of black glitter. It covered that error and created a nice texture around the top of the skull.

Toned down the glitter and incorporated it into the surface more.

Still not happy with the horns, so I tried them in a dark value.

I really wanted the background to be dark, but I am not sure I like the dark horns against the dark background.

Brought in a blue glow to the interior of the mouth.

Finally concluded that the horns were horrible and needed a total revamp. I decided to play around with asymmetrical format.

Adding color to the horns made it possible to bring more color to the skull as if the horns are glowing and reflecting onto it.

The head is looking great, but now I hate the pile of “rocks” below it.

Contrasting textures with some fur.

A decent start, but the results were a little weak.

The first attempt was close, but not quite right. Getting closer now.

I am finally pleased with the the elements and work on fine tuning the textures and colors.

The finished piece!

Adventures in Bonadventure

July 15th, 2014

Some photos I took at the Bonadventure Cemetery in Savannah, GA.