Art Hops Episode 1

A few months ago, I was a guest on Harper's Bizaaroworld, the longest running GLBT public access television show in America.  During the interview I mentioned that for nine years I ran the Rosewood Gallery, a non-profit space located in the Rosewood Arts Centre, Kettering, OH.  While assisting me to my car with props from the Harper's Bizaaroworld interview, the director asked if I would be interested in having a show on DATV. Being a naturally introverted personality, the thought had not crossed my mind. Upon further reflection, I decided that the main reason for leaving that position at Rosewood was so I could pursue new and challenging opportunities, and what more terrifying...I mean challenging opportunity than hosting a television show? I knew I wanted it to be an interview format show where the guest was the focus, and it needed a twist, something that suggested it was not a stuffy or formal program. I decided to combine two of my favorite things, art and beer, and thus Art Hops was born. 

From an art business point of view, this was an opportunity to network and get my name out to a new audience. From a personal perspective, this was a chance to chat with creative people whom I respect and learn from them, something I miss about running the gallery. 

My first guest was Tiffany Allyn Clark, and she did a spectacular job of describing her techniques and the upcoming show at Rosewood Gallery, while also explaining how she has healed from addiction and grief through her art. A natural pairing for Clark was Toxic Brew Company, located in the Oregon District, because she often exhibits her work there and has created a permanent installation at the brewery. 

The recording is currently being edited and will be released on DATV and my YouTube channel very soon!