NYC Diary : In The Mood

Ever since the show began, I have been a total Project Runway fan girl. Today, it was me saying "Thank You, Mood!" I spent just under two hours roaming the isles of Mood Designer Fabrics, tugging bolts of stunning fabrics from the shelves like they do on the show, and petting Swatch. Since I was alone, I started playing silly games with myself, conjuring Project Runway style assignments and trouble shooting how I would resolve them. Then I realized I could do some real world problem solving and look for gifts. 


I will keep those a secret for the time being, but I will share that I found some stunning silks and one splurge brocade. Dennis, the gentleman who assisted me, was a delight. We chatted about the city and our loved one's battle with Alzheimer's. He helped sign me up for a rewards card that features Swatch's sweet mug. It's fun, free souvenir that will reward me with $25 off once I spent an additional $420. That could take a few!