Library Proposal Explained

The Studio Images can be found on this POST.

(October 17, 2014) – The Dayton Metro Library has selected proposals from several artists to create original art installations for the Main Library, the new Northwest Branch Library, and the Miami Township Branch Library. Eventually, each new or newly-remodeled Dayton Metro Library location will have an original art installation resulting from ReImagining Works, a collaboration between the Library and The Dayton Art Institute.

• Before this submission, I had never prepared a formal proposal, and my first drafts looked like a high school term paper! Jane Black, Associate Director for The Dayton Art Institute, and coordinator for this project, encouraged the artists to share this opportunity with others, and it is out of respect for her that I share my library proposal so that others may learn from it for future submissions.

•Initial sketches, examining the inspiration piece and pulling out elements that I found interesting. 

• After deciding on a concept, I began working on scale version on grid paper for my proposal. 

• The proposal cover. I was able to use a template for Proposals in the Pages word processing program that was easy to edit for my specific needs. The cover shows the paintings to scale in the location and summarizes the project being proposed. 

• The Project Summary explains my concept and shows my inspirations from the DAI and the mission statement. 

• The most enjoyable section to create was finding ways to incorporate and combine the former Fairview High School elements and the DAI inspiration piece. My border design was meant to accomplish this as well as unify the two paintings in the diptych. 

• The proposed left panel showed a family returning from the market wearing clothing inspired by the costume. 

• The right panel showed the family represented as elephants. The library selection panel decided that instead of my proposed diptych, they would prefer a single painting and instead of installing it in the Adult Quiet Area, it would go in a more central location of the Northwest Branch. Since the piece will no longer be a diptych, I am planning to change the layout to a stronger, more centralized composition. 

• The materials page explained the HOWS of the project. One of my main concerns was making the piece durable enough for heavy traffic and avoid situations where the piece could be punctured or slashed. Not that I anticipate this occurring, but I wanted to plan for the accidental possibilities. 

• Since I do not know if the numbers will be made public, I edited my Budget page, but left the information so you could see what I took into consideration when coming up with the final numbers. Since I have not completed a project like this before, I really have no way of knowing whether I over or underestimated my work hours for the proposed diptych. 

• The Call for Artists requested that you show up to nine examples of your work. I selected pieces that I felt had the vibe I would be going for with the library piece, as well as show my versatility and skill set. 

• A main concern was that my proposed large scale paintings were so different from my smaller example pieces. So in my bio section I wanted to emphasize my mural work and show that I was not intimidated by the larger scale.

• The requested resume. Do not let a slim artist resume deter you from submitting for a project like this one. There are plenty of ways you can demonstrate that you are capable and will complete the project in a professional manner. 

I plan to document the progress of this project and create a time lapse video, so if you would like to keep up with it, the best thing to do is sign up for my Newsletter! 

•UPDATE: Here is my redesign for the single 6x6' painting. As you can see, the elephants are a more centralized element and I removed several components to simplify the composition.