Kettering Children's Theatre

Photos by Redtail Photo

I was at the Rosewood theatre on opening night to see my paintings come to life! Thanks to Bruce Brown for his amazing sets and Ayn Wood for her stellar costumes, all inspired by my Alice in Wonderland series! There is no greater honor than to inspire the work of creative individuals whom you admire. Thanks to the entire KCT crew and, of course, the amazing actors...THEY ROCKED!

The Kettering Children's Theatre is a non-auditioned theatrical instruction program for approximately 20 children in grades 5th through 9th. The program allows youth of all theatrical levels an equal opportunity to perform on stage. Cast members must have completed two prerequisite theatre instruction classes at Rosewood Arts Centre, or have had equivalent experience, before enrolling in the Kettering Children's Theatre production.

Performances are scheduled bi-yearly in March and November, and complimentary intermission refreshments are served. Professionally produced and directed, Kettering Children's Theatre presents two excellent plays of youth content for six performances and full-house seating of 200. The Rosewood Arts Centre theatre provides a unique opportunity for preschoolers to relax on padded mats at floor level in the black-box theatre For more information concerning any of Rosewood Arts Centre's special events, call (937) 296-0294 or e-mail